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Draft Environmental Impact Statement for an Aquaculture Project at Guthalungra for Pacific Reef Fisheries

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Executive Summary

Section 1


Section 2


Section 3

Need for the Proposal

Section 4

Description of the proposal

Section 5


Section 6

Existing Environment

Section 7

Environmental Impacts

Section 8

Health & Safety

Section 9

Safeguards, Mitigation, Management and Monitoring

Section 10

Studies, Consultation & Public Participation

Section 11

Environmental Record

Section 12

Conclusions & Recommendations

Section 13

References and Information

Section 14

Recommended Appendices


Appendix A – Cross-Referencing of Terms of Reference

Guthalungra Aquaculture Project Terms of Reference

Appendix B – Concept Design Information

Figures (Sinclair Knight Merz):
• Key Plan – File Size 30 MB Available on Request from Pacific Reef Fisheries
Administration, Workshop, Processing and Fuel Storage
Development Area
Diffuser and Ocean Pipeline Anchor Block Design
Discharge Pipeline Long Section
Disposal Pump Station
Disposal Pump Station Site
Elliot River Overland Flow Patterns
Ground Water Bore Locations
Intake Pipeline Long Section
Intake Pipeline Long and Cross Sections
Intake Pump Station Arrangement
Intake Pump Station Site General Arrangement
Overall Layout Plan
Overall Layout and Cross Section Locations
Overall Layout and Typical Cross Section Locations
Pipeline Pump Station and Ocean Pipeline Locations
Proposed Farm Areas
Proposed Layout Staging Plan
Proposed Works Year 1 Construction
Proposed Works Year 2 Construction
Proposed Works Year 3 Construction
Proposed Works Year 4 Construction
Saltwater Screen Intake
Selected Sections and Details (1)
Selected Sections and Details (2)
Site Topography Plan
Test Location Plan
Typical Cross Sections

Construction timelines

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Appendix C – Raw Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Specifications

Preliminary calculations for sizing water and wastewater infrastructure components,
(Sinclair Knight Merz)

Appendix D – Treatment Discharge Calculations (Lambert and Rehbein)

Area 1 Pond Release Calculations
Area 2 Pond Release Calculations
Area 3 Pond Release Calculations
Total Discharge Data
Area 1 Pond Exchange Calculations
Area 2 Pond Exchange Calculations
Area 3 Pond Exchange Calculations

Appendix E – Guthalungra Prawn Farm, Water Quality Management – Preliminary Concepts

Pacific Reef Fisheries, Guthalungra Prawn Farm Water Quality Management Preliminary Concepts (Ken Hartley Pty Ltd)

Appendix F – Acid Sulphate Soils Report

Report on Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment Proposed Prawn Farm Guthalungra
(Douglas Partners Pty Ltd)
Acid Sulphate Initial Borehole Locations, Development Site
Acid Sulphate Additional Borehole Locations, Pipeline

Appendix G – Geotechnical Report

Report on Geotechnical Investigation Proposed Prawn Farm Guthalungra
(Douglas Partners Pty Ltd)
Geotechnical Study Borehole Locations

Appendix H – Flooding Study

Flood Assessment Report (Sinclair Knight Merz)
Flood Study Figure 1
Flood Study Figure 2
Flood Study Figure 3
Flood Study Figure 5
Flood Study Figure 6
Flood Study Figure 7

Appendix I – Tides in Abbot Bay

• Tidal data available on request, please contact Pacific Reef Fisheries

Appendix J – Elliott River Bathymetry

Elliot River Monitoring Report (Aquamap)
• Bathymetry data available on request, please contact Pacific Reef Fisheries

Appendix K – Coastal Geomorphology

The Coastal Geomorphology of the Guthalungra Region (James Cook University)

Appendix L – Abbot Bay Marine Habitat (Seagrass) Survey

Abbot Bay Marine Habitat Survey (Scientific Marine)

Appendix M – Guthalungra Prawn Farm Flora and Fauna Report

Pacific Reef Fisheries Guthalungra Prawn Farm: Flora and Fauna Assessment – Final Report (Ecotone Environmental Services)

Appendix N - Noise Report

Guthalungra Prawn Farm Noise Assessment (Sinclair Knight Merz)

Appendix O – Geohydrology Study

Guthalungra Prawn Farm Geohydrology Study (Sinclair Knight Merz)

Groundwater Report (Sinclair Knight Merz)

Appendix P – Coastal Erosion Report

Guthalungra Prawn Farm Assessment of Cyclone – Induced Erosion of the Foreshore
(Coastal Engineering Solutions)

Appendix Q – Water Quality Modelling for Abbot

Modelling the Movement and Concentration of Discharge for the Proposed Guthalungra Prawn Farm (CRC for Reef Research, Townsville)

Appendix R – Traffic Study - Lambert and Rehbein

• Traffic data available on request, please contact Pacific Reef Fisheries

Appendix S – Induction Training and Workplace Health and Safety Policy

• Training and OH&S plan are available on request, please contact Pacific Reef Fisheries

Appendix T – Consultation Plan

Guthalungra Prawn Farm Consultation

Appendix U – Media Releases, and Correspondence from Stakeholder Groups

Media Releases, and Correspondence from Stakeholder Groups

Appendix V – Terms of Reference and Membership of the Technical Advisory Group

Letter of Invitation to Attend Guthalungra Prawn Farm Development Technical Advisory Group (Lambert and Rehbein)